2020 Autumn Newsletter


Seasonal conditions for the 2019-2020 growing season were perhaps the most challenging we have faced. To say it was challenging was probably an underestimate, but we’re relieved 2020 vintage is finished and pleased with the results. We’re in the fortunate position of owning our own vineyards and were able to make the quick decision to […]

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2019 Autumn Newsletter


The last week has been busy organising the harvest of the final vineyards for 2019. Trying to leave the grapes to ripen as long as possible in the beautiful autumn conditions, while organising picking just before the approaching wet weather and cooler conditions can be a little stressful. However, our last grapes arrived on Friday […]

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2019 Spring Newsletter


Unfortunately, I could copy and paste the previous year’s seasonal conditions to describe the last 12 months. We have experienced another extremely hot dry 12 months. The Valley is now in a severe drought and all our dams are virtually empty,  conditions are the driest we can remember. The forecast is for continuing dry conditions […]

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2018 Autumn “Vintage Membership” Newsletter


As we celebrate the arrival of the last bin of grapes at the winery today, it brings to an end a successful 2018 Vintage. Hot dry conditions prevailed throughout the growing season in all vineyards, resulting in slightly reduced yields, however excellent quality. So with Vintage almost over it is now time to get out […]

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