What is Vermentino?


Vermentino (pronounced ver-mehn-TEE-noh) is an aromatic Mediterranean white grape variety with origins in Italy. It can go by other names as well, depending on the country or even region of Italy.

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Mushroom Risotto Recipe


We love this classic Italian dish, as it goes very well with our Italian varietals.
For our recipe, we use arborio rice, but carnaroli works just as well. These short-grained rice
varieties can absorb a lot of liquid without becoming soggy.

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Roast Duck with Balsamic Recipe


It’s easy to roast duck in a sticky-sweet glaze of balsamic vinegar, honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice. But an even simpler way to enjoy roast duck with crispy golden skin is to roast the duck in the oven and then serve it with a drizzle of good-quality balsamic vinegar. You can also reserve the […]

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Old Vine Wine


We have recently done an aged released our 2016 vintage of the David Hook Old Vines Shiraz, and it got me thinking about old vines and why they’re so special. Australians are lucky to have access to some of the best old vines in the world, but the term itself can be a bit ambiguous. As there are no official regulations for the use of the term on wine labels, I wanted to take a moment to discuss old vines and why I love old vine wine.

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