2019 Autumn Newsletter

The cool weather has finally arrived. It's time to for your Autumn “Vintage Membership" Pack.

The last week has been busy organising the harvest of the final vineyards for 2019. Trying to leave the grapes to ripen as long as possible in the beautiful autumn conditions, while organising picking just before the approaching wet weather and cooler conditions can be a little stressful. However, our last grapes arrived on Friday […]


2018 Autumn “Vintage Membership” Newsletter

2018 Autumn "Vintage Membership" Newsletter.

As we celebrate the arrival of the last bin of grapes at the winery today, it brings to an end a successful 2018 Vintage. Hot dry conditions prevailed throughout the growing season in all vineyards, resulting in slightly reduced yields, however excellent quality. So with Vintage almost over it is now time to get out […]


2018 Spring Newsletter

It’s almost Budburst again and that means time to release your Spring “Vintage Membership" Pack.

We are continuing to experience dry conditions and the entire valley and most of NSW is drought affected. We have been watering our vines during the dormant winter months to maintain soil moisture and are now looking for a few showers of rain to freshen the vineyard before budburst. The forecast is unfortunately for dry […]


2017 Autumn “Cast Off” Newsletter

2017 Autumn "Cast Off" Newsletter

We are very excited to present our Autumn “Cast Off” packs to our members, inclusive of which are five delicious reds from our 2015 vintage and our new 2016 Sparkling Rose. Well that was a hot Vintage in the Hunter Valley… really unlike anything we have experienced in the past few years and we are […]


2016 Autumn “Cast off” Newsletter

2016 Autumn "Cast off" Newsletter

We are very excited to present the 2016 Autumn “Cast Off” packs to our members, inclusive of five fantastic reds from the 2014 vintage and our new 2015 Sparkling Rose. Over the last few years, I have been searching for grapes for our De Novo Rosso wine. Working with growers in the Hunter Valley and […]


Platinum Catch May 2016

Platinum Catch May 2016 Newsletter

Autumn is here, although you wouldn’t think so considering the warm dry weather we have been experiencing in the Hunter of late. However, we are excited to remind you that with the change in seasons, your Platinum Catch pack order of 12 wines (six from our Old Vines range), is now due! Listed below are […]


2016 Spring “Cast off” Newsletter

2016 Spring "Cast off" Newsletter

We are very excited to present the 2016 Spring “Cast Off” packs to our members. Solid Winter rain has filled our dams and soil profiles meaning vines are set for a great start to the new season. The valley looks fantastic at the moment with fat cattle in paddocks and grass up to their bellies and […]


Autumn 2015

We have just about completed rebuilding after the heavy rain in late April resulted in severe flooding. Fortunately there was no major damage to the vineyard itself, however, the boundary fences and roads required significant repairs. So, we have had a busy winter pruning, fencing and road building. Good late winter rain has ensured a great […]


2015 Vintage News

We have just finished what could be best described as a vintage with a difficult start and a great finish. A warm humid summer resulted in high disease pressure. We therefore had to carefully sought all the fruit that was harvested in the Hunter. This process is difficult and very time consuming, however, the end […]