2022 Vintage Highlights – David Reflects

David Hook in the vineyard

Lets face it, the last few years growing grapes have been tough. Fires, drought and covid have thrown us challenges. 2022 was no different. We’re thrilled to let you know that reflecting on what we’ve just picked and processed, there’s lots to celebrate.

A mild Winter and wet Spring, continued into Summer. Meteorologists declared a La Niña weather event in November for a second year. The vineyards were transferred into a lush vibrant landscape of green grass and healthy vines. Fortunately, in early January the weather warmed, rain subsided, and flavour and ripeness built quickly in all varieties. Harvesting commenced on 30th January, some 2 weeks later than recent years due to cooler milder conditions. We picked our first Pecorino, an Italian varietal often found in Italy’s eastern coastal regions, on 15th February. It’s a grape variety not often grown in Australia but has a beautiful elegant floral bouquet that is also particularly food friendly. We’re eagerly awaiting its release later in the year.

The weather continued to hold, however, heavy rain was predicated to return in early March, so we needed to ensure that we got a crop in. We harvested half our shiraz and barbera. It proved to be a good decision. The rain continued for many days and the fruit on the vines lost colour and flavour therefore, we decided not to pick any more grapes at Belford. We turned our attention to our Orange and Hilltops vineyards which have a different microclimate – the fruit was ripening slower given the cool climate. A less challenging and drier growing season in these regions, resulted in ripe flavoursome grapes. Although we once again had to pick grapes before heavy rain returned at the end of April.

The 2022 Wines are Released

The wines have been evolving in the winery, and the first wines are now ready for your enjoyment.  We have bottled our first wine for 2022 and have released David Hook 2022 Old Vines Semillon. Fresh and lively with great citrus lemon flavours and crisp acidity make it a perfect wine to be enjoyed young.  Give it a try.

We are continuing to work on the remaining wines for release during the year which we can’t wait for you to taste.